Month: January 2022

Fall 2021 Recap

The fall 2021 semester brought some big changes to the SIAM chapter at UConn, starting with the election of three new officers! After a long, heated election Erik Wendt is our new president, Kimberly Savinon is our new secretary, and Alec Wendland is our new treasurer. This new group of officers dove right and created several exciting events throughout the semester.

One of the new events was the creation of Linear Algebra and Coffee, a monthly discussion group lead by Erik focusing topics in graduate linear algebra. As you may have guessed, coffee and other refreshments were also provided. Kim and Anastasiia helped co-organize the Mathematics Continued Conference at UConn, a mathematics conference for undergraduates featuring talks by representatives from various graduate mathematics organizations at UConn. On behalf of SIAM Erik gave a talk on approximation theory, and the conference as a whole was very well received.

SIAM hosted many smaller talks as well. Thanks on a large part to the organizational efforts of Kim, there was a joint SIAMĀ  and SIGMA seminar talk about jobs in mathematics, featuring professors and industry professionals. Afterwards Dr. Andrew Miller, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Bridgewater State University and UConn alumnus, gave a SIAM seminar on his research on discrete Green’s functions arising from the finite element method. Dr. George Yin, Professor of Mathematics at UConn, also gave a SIAM seminar talk on his research in applied stochastic analysis. Thanks to both of these professors for their wonderful talks!

As you can probably tell, this past semester was full with many fantastic SIAM activities. As we move forward into Spring 2022, it is important to say how grateful we are for the hard work given by the SIAM officers and members for making this happen. There are a ton of great things planned for this spring as well. Stay tuned to hear all about them.