Month: February 2022

Linear Algebra and Coffee, Season 2, Episode 1

On February 16th, Erik Wendt gave a fascinating presentation introducing attendees to some of the ideas of Pseudospectral theory. He led us through the basic concepts, definitions, and foundational theorems in play in order to be able to dive deep into applications in future presentations. Thank you so much Erik.

On Wednesday, Feburary 23rd, we will pick back up with our examination of ODEs with sections 3 and 4 of chapter 1 of Kong. As always, coffee and snacks will be provided.

Spring 2022 ODE Reading Group

The new semester has started off well, and the UConn SIAM chapter has ambitious plans for the next few months. As well as a quantum computing workshop in March, with plans for talks leading up to it, and continuing the successful Linear Algebra and Coffee series to delve into pseudo-spectral theory, we have also added a biweekly Ordinary Differential Equations reading group!

This reading group is meeting on the first and third Wednesday of every month in Monteith 214 at 12:30-1:20. We are reading through A Short Course in Ordinary Differential Equations by Qingkai Kong, covering a few sections each meeting.

In our first meeting on February 9th, our Secretary Kim Savinon led a discussion on the first two sections to get started. Thank you Kim!

Next meeting, on February 23th, our (newly appointed) vice president Peter Graziano will lead discussion on some initial existence and uniqueness theorems (sections 1.3-1.4 in Kong).